Sponsor CalBal 2023

Why Sponsor CalBal?

When you sponsor CalBal, you become a patron of the arts and help us advance important values. Like many cultural and arts organizations, CalBal (and our parent organization Pacific Swing Dance Foundation [PSDF]) relies on the generosity of patrons to help fund our efforts and make them accessible to all.

This year it is especially important for us to raise funds for CalBal and PSDF. Not only has CalBal been without income for three years, for 2023 we’ve deliberately lowered our maximum attendance while also responding to new financial risks. In addition, CalBal is proud to be giving away nearly $10,000 in scholarship passes and “name your own price” tickets. In fact, in total for 2023, CalBal has provided more than $20,000 in financial support to attendees. 

Throughout, CalBal remains committed to advancing values like diversity and inclusion (through our scholarship and teacher mentorship programs) and cultural growth (through our ambitious music and competition programs).

If you’re able, please help us ensure CalBal can weather 2023 and be strong for 2024—our ten-year anniversary!

Ways to Sponsor CalBal 2023

Wood Sponsor Tier ($1–$49)

Every dollar counts for us this year, and if you can pitch in a little extra, we’ll use your generosity to fund CalBal’s general operations—everything from hotel rooms for staff, to staff meals, to rental fees for equipment and facilities.

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Iron Sponsor Tier ($50–$99)

Iron-tier sponsors can help make CalBal strong! Your generosity will fund CalBal’s general operations—everything from housing for staff, to floors and lights, to the meals that feed our instructors!

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Bronze Sponsor Tier ($100–$249)

Bronze-tier sponsors fund everything from airline tickets, to flooring installers, to registration systems, to staff wages. As a special thank-you, at this level you’re entered to win a private lesson.

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Silver Sponsor Tier ($250–$499)

Silver-tier sponsors have the option to sponsor a band or to direct their contributions toward scholarships, teacher mentorships, or operations (which is what keeps the lights on). Whatever you choose to donate, your money will help CalBal be resilient in 2023 and go into 2024 strong.

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Gold Sponsor Tier ($500–$999)

Gold-tier sponsors have the option to sponsor a song or direct their contribution toward scholarships, teacher mentorships, or operations (which is what keeps the lights on). Whatever you choose to donate, your money will help CalBal be resilient in 2023 and go into 2024 strong.

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Platinum Sponsor Tier ($1,000–$1,999)

Platinum-tier sponsors go above and beyond to help CalBal realize important, ambitious goals. They have the option to sponsor four basic scholarships and receive access to a special group private at CalBal 2023.

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Diamond Sponsor Tier ($2,000+)

Diamond-tier sponsors make it possible for CalBal to try new things and break new ground. This year, Diamond sponsors can choose to fund one full scholarship, or help us kick off our brand-new teacher mentorship program. As a partial thank-you, these sponsors will be invited to a group private at CalBal 2023.

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Information on Rewards & Programs

Thank you for considering donating (or already donating) to CalBal 2023! Anything you can donate helps us! Read on to find more about the CalBal 2023 sponsorship rewards described in the blue graphic at the top of this page.  


PSDF enamel patron pin

The PDSF enamel patrons are a reward for everyone who donates $50 or more (Iron level and up). Please pick up your pin at the event if possible because it is expensive to ship the pins. Shipping is available if needed for Bronze patrons and up ($100+ donation).

Private lesson raffle tickets

For every $100 you donate, you get 1 raffle ticket entered to win a private lesson with a CalBal teacher or musician of your choice. CalBal will draw 3 raffle winners, one each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Raffle winners can take their lesson during the CalBal 2023 weekend or schedule a virtual lesson to occur within 30 days of CalBal 2023. Raffle winners can bring a partner to the lesson if desired. Raffle winners also may transfer the private lesson to another person of their choosing (including one of the scholarship recipients if desired). Note that only one win per entrant is allowed.  

Donations support your choice of program and your personalized announcement is displayed/read during event

Silver-level patrons and up ($250+) are eligible to choose what program to direct their donation to. These are your options:   

  • Sponsor a band playing at CalBal 2023
  • Sponsor a song to be composed, transcribed, or arranged and then debuted at CalBal 2023 
  • Sponsor the scholarship program
  • Sponsor the teacher mentorship program
  • Donate to the CalBal operations fund (this helps run CalBal) 

As part of this support, you have the option to have a personalized announcement displayed during the event. The message should be brief and adhere to CalBal’s safety and inclusion policies. The message can be personal (e.g., a dedication to a loved one) or commercial (e.g., advertising a swing dance event or a personal business). 

Gold-level sponsors and up ($500) will also have their names and message read aloud during the evening dance. 

Invitation to Thursday night welcome dance (with live music!) and special patron pre-party

Silver-level patrons and up ($250) will receive free entry to the Thursday night welcome dance at LindyGroove as well as an invitation to our pre-party cocktail reception before the dance. Gold-level patrons and up ($500) may also bring a guest to both the dance and pre-party. The welcome dance and pre-party both occur Thursday, January 12, 2023, at the Pasadena Masonic Temple. The pre-party runs from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and the dance runs from 9:00 p.m. until midnight. 

Mini photo shoot at this year’s photo booth

Gold-level patrons and up ($500) may reserve a 10 minute time slot in advance to get photos taken by our in-house photographer at the official photo booth on one of the evenings during the dance*.  This can be by yourself, with a partner, or with a group.
*Sign-ups must happen at the check-in desk by noon on the desired day.

Group private lesson at CalBal 2023

Platinum- and diamond-level patrons ($1,000+) will be invited to participate in a small group private lesson at CalBal 2023. Several group private lessons will be scheduled in advance, and patrons will be able to choose which session to attend based on their schedule. Patrons may bring a partner to the group private lesson.


Thank you to our CalBal 2023 Sponsors!

Christine Cwiertny
Jason Hammons
Jennifer Barnett
M Dekmezian
Leila Gass