Sponsor a Contest

CalBal strives to offer exciting, innovative contests full of new talent and surprises. Over the years, we've attracted some of the world's best competitors to our Balboa contests as well as many up-and-comers. For 2023, we're introducing a brand-new contest: Artistic Voice!

When you sponsor a contest, your money goes directly into the prize pool for our contests—a generous prize pool attracts top competitors and rewards risk.

In addition to our regular sponsor rewards, as a contest sponsor our MCs will read a message of your choosing immediately prior to all rounds of your sponsored contest.



CalBal 2023 Sponsor Rewards

  • $25 : Our heartfelt thanks (in public, at the event, if you choose).
  • $100 : A limited edition PSDF enamel pin ( plus $25-level reward).
  • $250 : The pin + access to a private FB group where you can tune in to bi-weekly AMAs with the performers ( plus $100-level rewards).
  • $500 : Invitation to the January 12 reception and live music event (plus $250-level rewards).
  • Over $1000 : Invitation to you and a guest to the January 12 reception and welcome event, a special thank you gift from one of the performers (plus all $500-level rewards).