Sponsor the Mentorship Pilot Program

For the first time ever, in 2023 CalBal will be piloting a new instructor mentorship program aimed at providing promising dancers from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to learn skills and gain experience as Balboa instructors. Our goal is to help aspiring swing dance instructors develop skills and to give them tools and experience so they can succeed at CalBal and other international swing dance events.

As a trial, we will be offering two mentorship spots in 2023 with the goal of expanding the program in subsequent years. Participants in the mentorship program will receive one-on-one coaching from a cadre of internationally-recognized swing dance instructors to help them master both classroom material and other important teaching skills. The participants in the 2023 mentorship program will work alongside other instructors during CalBal 2023 and will be tasked with planning and teaching a class at CalBal 2023.

Why are we doing this?

To become an experienced, in-demand swing dance instructor can entail hundreds or thousands of hours spent "paying dues"—working for cheap (or free); traveling at your own expense to attend events and compete; struggling to make a name for yourself and gain recognition; teaching to empty classrooms; moving to locations where you can get more or better experience with knowledgeable dancers; dealing with less-than-ideal working conditions. In the past, this process has tended to favor people with existing financial and social resources--i.e., those who could afford to "pay dues." CalBal holds its entire staff (but especially teaching staff) to very high standards and we are also dedicated to increasing diversity throughout our event. To achieve both of these goals, this mentorship pilot will seek out diverse candidates AND ALSO give them tools to succeed.

Your support pays for the costs of training a mentorship recipient. That includes:

  • Approximately 25 hours of remote and in-person coaching with experienced swing dance mentors prior to CalBal 2023.
  • Assistance from mentors planning and preparing a solo class at CalBal 2023.
  • All expenses covered to attend and teach at CalBal 2023.
  • Follow-up training and critiques post CalBal 2023.

Your support pays for the costs of training a mentorship recipient and creating new opportunities for aspiring swing dance instructors!

In addition to our regular sponsor perks, when you sponsor our mentorship program at or above the $850 level, you'll be invited to a private group lesson (with other mentorship sponsors) taught by our CalBal 2023 mentees.



CalBal 2023 Sponsor Rewards

  • $25 : Our heartfelt thanks (in public, at the event, if you choose).
  • $100 : A limited edition PSDF enamel pin ( plus $25-level reward).
  • $250 : The pin + access to a private FB group where you can tune in to bi-weekly AMAs with the performers ( plus $100-level rewards).
  • $500 : Invitation to the January 12 reception and live music event (plus $250-level rewards).
  • Over $1000 : Invitation to you and a guest to the January 12 reception and welcome event, a special thank you gift from one of the performers (plus all $500-level rewards).