Live Music

Live music at CalBal 2023 will feature three bandleaders: Michael Gamble, Keenan McKenzie, and Jonathan Stout. We are busy confirming many of our favorites musicians and will add details as the become available.

For the first time ever, CalBal will offer four nights of live music—Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Access to the Thursday live music is likely to be limited, so stay tuned for details.

Michael Gamble headshot

Bandleader Michael Gamble.
Photo: Jerry Almonte

Keenan McKenzie headshot

Bandleader Keenan McKenzie

Jonathan Stout headshot

Bandleader Jonathan Stout

Instructors Confirmed for 2023

We are pleased to present our main instructor line-up for 2023!  These teachers will be teaching the main classes on Saturday and Sunday as well as some of the Elective classes on Friday.
Guest instructors will teach a few classes on Friday and during lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Sylvia Sykes
Sylvia Sykes headshot

Santa Barbara, CA

Heather Ballew

Shani Brown
Shani Brown headshot

San Diego, CA

Javier Johnson
Javier Johnson headshot

East Hartford, CT

Laura Keat
Laura Keat headshot

Instructor Laura Keat
Photo:  Intuitive Images


Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee headshot

Instructor Jennifer Lee

Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell headshot

Instructor Matt Mitchell

Jeremy Otth
Jeremy Otth headshot

Instructor Jeremy Otth
Photo: Intuitive Images

Annabel Quisao
Annabel Quisao headshot

Instructor Annabel Quisao

Bobby White
Bobby White headshot

Instructor Bobby White. Photo: Jerry Almonte

Jacob Wigger
Jacob Wigger headshot

Instructor Jacob Wigger

Nick Williams
Nick Williams headshot

Instructor Nick Williams

Meet your 2023 Masters of Ceremonies

Andrea Gordon headshot

Emcee Andrea Gordon

Emcee Nikki Klaus

Emcee Mikey Pedroza