Friday Electives

Electives run from 12:00pm to 3:30pm and are held in both the Pasadena Masonic Temple & the Hilton Hotel
Be sure to arrive approximately an hour early to check-in before your class begins.

All Levels:

Keeping It Smooth with Shani B & Matt Mitchell
What makes a dance smooth and how to get there!

Improve Your Social Bal with Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams
Tricks & tips for feeling good to your partners.

Finding Your Style and Comfort with Nelle Cherry & Annabel Truesdell Quisao
We all have different bodies with unique strengths and preferences! Practice finding movements that are comfortable, enhance your partnering technique, and serve your aesthetic choices with us.

Intermediate & Advanced:

Keep Balboa Weird with Jennifer Lee & Mickey Fortanasce
For those feeling stuck and wanting to be more inventive in their dancing, come find new ideas to incorporate into your Balboa.

Switch Dancing for Bal with Natalia Eristavi & Matt Richey
Ideas for changing between dance roles in your Bal.

Finding the Pocket with Shani B & Nick Williams
Tools to find it in the music & your body.

Advanced & Advanced+ :

Rockin’ in Rhythm with Nelle Cherry & Javier Johnson
Rhythm Puzzles for Bal!

Dean’s Slow Bal with Shani B & Mickey Fortanasce
Dean Raftery had a distinct style of slow Bal that inspires many dancers today.

Complementary Styles Without Mirroring with Heather Ballew & Jacob Wigger
Dancing with your partner doesn’t necessarily mean being a mirror.

Teacher Training:

Teaching Bal to non-Bal Folks with Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams
Ideas for teaching in ways that are approachable and proven successful!

Teaching Toolbox with Annabel Truesdell Quisao & Bobby White
There is a variety of values we can emphasize in the classroom—explore class formats and teaching techniques that best highlight them.

Creative Teaching with Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth
Teach creativity through being creative as a teacher.