Refunds and Transfers

If you have registered for CalBal 2024 but cannot attend, we are offering the following options:

  1. You may convert your registration fees into a tax-deductible donation. donation. CalBal is operated by Pacific Swing Dance Foundation—a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States—and donations are generally tax-deductible. We'll use your donation to help support things like our scholarship program, our live music, or other parts of the event you choose.
  2. You may choose to transfer your registration to CalBal 2025 or to another person at no cost. You will be issued credits equal to the amount of your registration which may be used by you or another person now or toward our 2025 event. Contest registration cannot be transferred to another person nor year.

You may request a refund by the follow dates:

  • You may request a refund by the follow dates:
  • Up to Dec. 1 for a 75% refund; excluding contests fees
  • Up to Jan. 10 - 40% refund; excluding contests fees

To inform us of your cancellation prior to the event and to choose whether you'd like to transfer your registration or convert it into a donation, please fill out the cancellation form »

If you become sick with COVID-19 at the event, please contact to inform our safety team and to have your pass transferred to the subsequent year after you show proof of Covid-19. Pass transfers prior to the event include all pass and contest registration fees. During the event, pass transfers include all pass fess and unused contest fees.

Hotel Cancellations

If you wish to cancel your hotel room reservation, kindly assist us in ensuring that your room is returned to our group block.

Please reach out to Camilla via or directly call the customer service desk. Please request to have your room reinstated within the California Balboa Classic room block. (Please do not cancel your room via the hotel front desk or online.)
Customer Service Desk: +1 818-843-6000

2024 Cancellation Request Form