The Amateur Classic


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Open to couples meeting the amateur defintion (see rules below).

Prizes include:

Cash: $200 first prize — $100 second prize — $50 third prize

Other: Trophies and merchandise vouchers and/or event passes.

  • This Balboa & Bal-Swing competition is designed to showcase the intricacies of partnering and musicality, as well as the excitement and energy of Bal-Swing and LA Swing.
  • Prelims: Couples will dance in heats to a minimum of three songs of three different tempos.
  • Finals: Finalists will dance to DJed music. They will dance one All Skate Warm Up song, in a Dual Spotlight round to showcase diverse skill, partnering and musicality, and in a Final All Skate round.
  • All Skate Warm Up: All couples will dance to DJed music in a single group. Approx. 210 BPM.
  • Dual Spotlight: Two couples will dance at a time to DJed music. Approx. 240 BPM.
  • Final All Skate: All couples will dance to DJed music. Approx. 250 BPM.