Weekend Overview

California Balboa Classic 2020
January 17–20, Newport Beach, California

Balboa was born at the Rendezvous Ballroom, about a mile from our venue—the beautiful Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. For CalBal2020, we’ve got the best floors, music, instructors, contests, and social dancing we can assemble. There’s no experience like dancing at CalBal.

Changes for CalBal2020

We learned a lot at CalBal2019 and we’re making a number of changes to improve your experience at CalBal2020:

  • Limited attendanceAt CalBal2019 we had over 900 attendees. For CalBal2020, we are limiting attendance to 850. We expect this will give everyone more room in classes and in the main ballroom. This also means fewer passes will be available.
  • Rearranging the ballroomThe major feedback we received from last year was that some people had difficulty seeing the band and the contests. For 2020, we will move the bandstand onto the long wall of the ballroom to afford greater visibility. Our  sound engineers will ensure the new arrangement delivers great sound to all corners of the ballroom.
  • New floor: Although the floors at CalBal2019 were great all weekend (thanks in large part to great air-conditioning), 900 dancers had their effect, causing the floors to drift. We have a new flooring contractor bringing over 10,000 sq ft. of high quality Baltic birch plywood floors for your enjoyment and a crew of floor managers dedicated to keeping the floor in great condition all weekend long.


Returning for CalBal2020

  • Incredible music: It wouldn’t be CalBal without the musical leadership of Jonathan Stout. As a Southern California Swing dancer himself, Jonathan knows how to play for CalBal and in 2020 he will lead his Orchestra on Friday and Saturday nights and his Grand Slam Sextet on Sunday. Once again, we’re hiring all-star musicians from around the country to bring you three nights of the best live Swing music anywhere. We’re also arranging an all-star lineup of DJs to keep you dancing until the sun comes up.
  • Mind-blowing contests and amazing instructors: We strive for the contests and instruction at CalBal to be unrivaled. We only have seven contests, but they set the room on fire. Likewise, our instructor lineup represents the most rigorous, innovative, and fun Balboa instructors in the world!
  • Inspirational social dancing: There’s nothing quite like dancing in Southern California. This is where Balboa was born and the tradition of Balboa and SoCal Swing live on here. Above all, CalBal is dedicated to creating the most welcoming atmosphere possible for folks who want to feel the history of SoCal. That means great music, fast floors, good air conditioning, and fellow dancers who love it just as much as you.

CalBal2020 Weekend Overview

All schedule details subject to change.


Thursday, January 16

Time Event Location
7:00pm–10:00pm Early Check-In Hyatt Hotel Lobby
8:30pm–12:00am Pre-Weekend Dance at Lindy Groove (not included in weekend pass). Lindy Groove shuttle add-on available during registration. Pasadena Masonic Temple

Friday, January 17

Time Event Location
9:00am–10:00pm Check In & Registration Hyatt Hotel Plaza Arbor
12:30pm–3:30pm Balboa and Swing Elective Workshops Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom
4:00pm—7:00pm Competitor’s Meeting and Prelims Hyatt Regency Terrace Ballroom
8:00pm—12:00am Evening Dance with Live Music from the Jonathan Stout Orchestra & Contest Finals Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom
12:00am—1:00am Cocktail Hour Hyatt Regency Lobby & Garden
12:00am—5:00am Late Night Dance Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom

Saturday, January 18

Time Event Location
9:45am–5:00pm Level Check & Daytime Workshops Hyatt Regency Workshop Classrooms
5:00pm–7:00pm Competitor’s Meeting and Prelims Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom
8:00pm–12:00am Evening Dance with Live Music with The Jonathan Stout Orchestra & Contest Finals Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom
12:00am–1:00am Cocktail Hour Hyatt Regency Lobby & Garden
12:00am–5:00am Late Night Dance Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom

Sunday, January 19

Time Event Location
9:45am–5:00pm Daytime workshops Hyatt Regency Workshop Classrooms
8:00pm–12:00am Evening Dance with Live Music from the Grand Slam Sextet & Invitational Contest Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom
12:00am–5:00am Late night dance Hyatt Regency Plaza Ballroom

Monday, January 20

Time Event Location
2:00pm–Sunset Balboa Beach Dance Balboa Pier, Balboa Peninsula