Why Sponsor CalBal?

When you sponsor CalBal, you become a patron of the arts and help us advance important values. Like many cultural and arts organizations, CalBal (and our parent organization Pacific Swing Dance Foundation [PSDF]) relies on the generosity of patrons to help fund our efforts and make them accessible to all.

This year it is especially important for us to raise funds for CalBal and PSDF. Not only has CalBal been without income for three years, for 2023 we've deliberately lowered our maximum attendance while also responding to new financial risks.

Despite this, CalBal remains committed to advancing values like diversity and inclusion (through our scholarship and teacher mentorship programs) and cultural growth (through our ambitious music and competition programs).

If you're able, please help us ensure CalBal can weather 2023 and be strong for 2024—our ten-year anniversary!

Wood Sponsor Tier ($1–$49)

Your financial help makes a huge difference!

Every dollar counts for us this year, so pitch in what you can—from $1 to $49—and we'll use your generosity to fund CalBal's general operations. That includes everything from hotel rooms for staff (one of our single largest expenses!), to staff meals, to rental fees for equipment and facilities. If we exceed our needs for CalBal 2023, your contribution will be added to the PSDF Operations and Programs Fund (which keeps the lights on). However much you choose to donate, your money will help CalBal be resilient in 2023 and go into 2024 strong.

Wood Tier Sponsor Rewards

  • Our heartfelt thanks—your contribution makes a big difference!
  • Option to receive acknowledgement on our website and at the live event
  • Donation directed toward CalBal general operations

Your donations are tax deductible. California Balboa Classic is operated by Pacific Swing Dance Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Suggested Price: $25

Rewards: more info


If you choose to tell us "How would you like to be acknowledged?" we'll add you to our CalBal 2023 sponsors page and we'll add your name to our sponsorship wall at the live event. You may also choose to remain anonymous.